Welcome to Version 1.0 👋🏼

We have spent the past months since the start of the pandemic reading everything we could find about the future of work. While doing so, we recorded every characteristic mentioned by observers as being performed better either at home or in the office.

What we noticed was that many commentaries used buzzwords as a substitute for understanding. As a result, readers were assigning value to specific characteristics of office or remote work without understanding their truth.

If you're like us, you've probably heard mention of 'the productive watercooler chat' or 'the collaborative whiteboard session'. Both are dangerously vague and ill-defined.

We have no interest in holding up the factually incorrect. So we have spent the last few months reviewing the available academic literature to discern whether these characteristics are correctly assigned. It is hoped that avoiding false paradigms will help improve the outcomes we are experiencing from work.

This report aims to uncover the ingredients that are integral to the hybrid work experience. It is up to you to create the recipes for these ingredients, positioning them in such a way to optimise the work experience. We will conclude by exploring the opportunities that exist to strengthen the most valuable aspects of the hybrid experience.

This report is a version 1.0 with updates that will be included in due course. Feedback is hugely welcome and much appreciated - it is only through iteration that we progress.